The Tears Of the Assassin

Hi everyone, I know I have been MIA but life has gotten the best of us considering this climate. I am grateful to be alive and my thoughts and prayers goes out to anyone who is battling with the virus and has been affected one way or another, it is well.

I wanted to use this opportunity to finally reveal what my first love has always been; writing. Yes, and I’ve been writing this book called “The Tears of The Assassin” for years.(Its a working tittle or maybe I’ll keep itđŸ€·) I am a little nervous to share it here, but if not now then when? (that’s actually a Tracy Chapman song which I highly recommend in fact I recommend to listen to her first album which was way ahead of its time and will merk any of your favs album till this day)

The book is predicated on an assassin hired to kill some designated targets, on the promise of revenge on a man who tortured her for two years in a remote location. After escaping, nursing herself back to health and staying off the grid for years, she was finally lured out of retirement by her handler known as the General into killing what seemed like unlikely sets of victims that on the surface looked like they had absolutely nothing in common. But as the story unfolds there’s more than meets the eyes. My book is filled with twists and turns that even I didn’t see coming (honestly, its like these characters wrote themselves) and I’m the author.

Ha, I digress, but yeah with the threat of of impending death looming over our heads, well I was inspired to log in to SL and create this image of Alala (which maybe subject to change) and the cover of my book. God willing, over the course of time I will illustrate all the other characters. So without further ado below is Alala and an excerpt from my book, feedback is highly encouraged. I hope your day is filled with laughter, success and happiness.

Whatever your thinking of doing, get up and do it, time waits for no man. Remember, when you wanna do something you either find all the reasons in the world to do it or you find all the excuses not too. Stay focused keep your eyes on the prize and your creator will take care of the rest. Come on, if lil 5’3 me can do it you can too!!! God bless and stay safe.


On Alala Demaris (Destiny SL AV):

Mesh Head : Akeruka – Bento Head V2.8 #W03 *Omega & BOM Compatible!(NOT FREE)
Body : Maitreya – Lara [Version 5.1] (NOT FREE)
Skin :Stative – Rema Gift Skin (Free @ MP)
Shape : My Own ‘Bento AKW3.1(new)’ If you like it I’ll give it away free Inworld contact Destinyraul99 via notecard. Please bear in mind that these shapes are for MESH BODY PARTS, nonetheless if you don’t wear mesh parts I can still alter it for u.

The Assassins Gift: Life

My name is Alala Damaris and if you are reading this then I’m probably dead. Alala is a Greek name meaning goddess of war and Damaris ironically was the woman in the Bible which the apostle Paul converts to Christianity. Along the course of my life my ancestry can be traced down to a West African tribe of female warriors known as the Dahomey Amazons.

Nonetheless my name isn’t important because I wasn’t named by my family. I was named by someone who risked their life just so I could live. But you see, to tell you my story I have to tell theirs. They are the people I encountered from the beginning along to the final point at which I stand. Before I continue this tale about these remarkable everyday women like you and me who are tainted with lust, greed, envy, love, hate, innocence, intelligence, compassion, forgiveness and sacrifice. To envision this story I beg of you this; Listen with your hearts and not your ears, judge them not by their words but by their deeds elude your shortcomings by not condemning or condoning My destiny is intertwined with yours because you the reader decides my fate. Only you can determine my final resting place.

Prologue. ;

I  futilely try to hold on to her grip but my fingers are slipping. In her desperation to save me I realize now that I am also pulling her to her demise. To preserve what’s left of her life, coughing out the iron taste of blood as it trickled down my lips, I tell her not to blame herself but she doesn’t hear me or maybe she refuses to hear me. I also tell her I love her and it’s o k and then I let go. I will never forget the sound of her scream which resonated in the air as I fell through the skyline. Her cries pierced my eardrums following me down to the surface of the water which engulfed me like a mother embracing her long lost child. The salty waters cradled me upon my decent as I sink downwards I feel the blood oozing from the gunshot wound on my thigh. Once my body pierced the oceans surface, I fought not, neither did I try to swim to save my life. For the first time in my life I finally gave up, I relinquished my will to live I closed my eyes and succumbed to my fate. I was a murderer and a killer and I deserved to die. I was tired of running, hiding and cheating death at every opportunity. It was time to pay for my sins. It was time to repudiate life. I felt my silver cord being pried by death I opened my eyes to the morbid stares of the souls of all the people I had murdered and as my spirit drifted towards them my internal turmoil transfixed me into a state of limbo frozen in the crevasse of absolution. I understand now that my fate back to your world or back to theirs lies in your hands.  I have to tell all of you my story but to tell it I have to tell you about the three gifts bestowed upon me at birth.

Life. Revenge. Retribution