#386 Launching The Altamura Bento Mesh Head In Style B!!!


On Destiny :

Mesh Head : Altamura – Aggie Bento Mesh Head *Quick Review!!! This head has Omega appliers but you will have to purchase the Omega Applier Hud which you can purchase for 99L$. Or If you join the Omega Appliers Systems – Support Group which has a join a fee of 5L$ you can buy the applier for half the price so in total if you join the group you’d be buying the Applier for 55L$!
I gotta start off by saying this head is wicked! By far the best bento head I have demo’d. Although there is a flaw under the chin, two sharp bits stick out a little bit (which she might update) but hey for only 699L$ I am not complaining (699L$ Sale ends today so run over and grab it!!!)
Thanks to Arugula who gave me the heads up after a brilliant conversation. Please check out her Blog (amazing i know!) and her Flickr too!
Oh and for those who don’t know what Bento is checkout Strawberry Singh’s VBlog and to get the Bento viewer because these mesh heads wont work with your regular viewers, you can download the viewer of your choice be it the SL standard viewer or Firestorm @ Altamura
Skin Applier : Amara Beauty – Agness 08 (NOT FREE)
Body & Hands : Maitreya – Lara [Version 3.5] (NOT FREE)
Shape : My Own ”Altamura C” If you like it I’ll give it away free Inworld contact Destinyraul99 via notecard. Please bear in mind that these shapes are for MESH BODY PARTS, nonetheless if you don’t wear mesh parts I can still alter it for u.
Hair : AD – Viola Dark (Edited) (NOT FREE)
Jacket : Amitomo – Heavy Shoulder Gacha #6 (50L$)
Scarf : Insomnia – Autumn Fall Scarf (Free Group Gift other gifts available!)
Top : Elegance Boutique – T-Shirt Mely (Free Group Gift)
Pants : Chic Princess – Pants&Laced High Boots Exclusively @ Designer Circle (Discount!)
Bag : Ryvolter – Xylia Knot Bag (Free Group Gift)

On Destiny :

Mesh Head : Altamura – Aggie Bento Mesh Head (699L$ Sale ends today!!!)
Skin Applier : Pink Acid – Pink Acid & Akina Logo ALEX Mesh Head Applier Pack – Mocha2 (499L$ @ MP)
Body & Hands : Maitreya – Lara [Version 3.5] (NOT FREE)
Shape : 亗Countess of Underworld亗 Store – *CoU* store – Shape Bento Analiss (Edited Slightly) (100L$ @ MP) Thank you Mestiz0!!!
Hair : Love – [Briar Rose] Exclusively @ Hairology (Freebie other 0-1L$ hair gifts available)
Jacket : Missnoise – Oversized Denim Jacket Exclusively @ Designer Circle (Discount!)
Top : Tooty Fruity – *Dollarable* Tooty Fruity – SummerTime Crop – White (1L$ @ MP)
Pants : Shae’s Designs – Just Me Blue Jeans (Free Group Gift)
Bag : Aubrey – The Marmont Bag (Free Group Gift *check inside group notice!)

Poses : Label Motion & BAXE – Just Walk Female Poses Exclusively @ Black Friday

Location : Burley Hills

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