#381 Midnight Madness


Hey everyone! I know its hard and bloody annoying not being able to go to the store to get these items but have no fear! I got some tips for you.
When I can’t TP to a place I usually open the world map and teleport to a location closest to my destination, and then I TP to the store after like 10 or 20 attempts. Or if you can’t be bothered you could purchase a TP HUD here

On Destiny :

Coat : Milk Motion – fluid trench coat – grey (NOT FREE)
Top & Skirt : Caboodle – Lydia Outfit (Free Midnight Madness)
Shoes : #empire – Hyacinth (Free Midnight Madness)

On Destiny :

Hair : Pelle – Epinoc Hair Exclusively @ Designer Circle
Jacket : Addams – Revival Military Jacket (NOT FREE)
Dress : Masoom – Piper Dress (Free Midnight Madness)
Shoes : Essenz – Paramaribo (Free Midnight Madness)

Location : Wondrous Love

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