#150 Back With A Vengence!

Sowwy for being on a hiatus I had to go away @ short notice for a bit and my apologies to all my fans and sponsors but i’m back now haha!



{ BODY }

Shape : My Own ”None tmp thick” If you like it i’ll give it away free Inworld contact Destinyraul99 via notecard. Please bear in mind that these shapes are for MESH BODY PARTS, nonetheless if you don’t wear mesh parts I can still alter it for u.
Skin : yasha
Eyeliner : Spooky Dolls – Sleek Flick Eyeliner (5L$ @ MP)
Lashes : RazzaNova – Found in RazzaNova Skins -Simonne (Inside Demo free lashes)
Hair : Damselfly – *Brielle (NOT FREE)
Eyes : Eye Candi Eyes free @ The Free Dove

{ Mesh Add Ons }

Body & Hands : The Mesh Project – #TheMeshProject (BETA) Free Body(f) (Wearing this body is cool for some MESH CLOTHING but for other layers you will need to purchase the Deluxe Body!)


Top : LaVian&Co – Found in Beating Heart Bagged 2 (Free Group Gift ps Group is FREE TILL THE 20th of MAY!)
Skirt : LaVian&Co – Found in Turning Tables Bagged 1 (Free Group Gift ps Group is FREE TILL THE 20th of MAY!)
Shoes : Tara – Marilyn Strappy Platform Shoes Black (25L$ in fact all shoes in the store are!)
Clutch & Bangles : Baby Monkey – Found in BM Gift Pack 2015 @ The Free Dove
Piercings : Black Design – BD-Gift, Tattoo+ Piercings (Edited) (Freebie @ MP)
Necklace : M&M – Found in MINIDRESS LINDA MESH (Free Group Gift)
Earrings : RyuuKou – earrings gift (Freebie)

Poses : Pose Maniacs – Melani & Marcia (Dollarbie @ MP)

Location : Noyo


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