#66 D Do You Need A Shirt? Naa Nex I’m Rolling Topless !

So TheShops have been around for a while and my reveiw on the mesh alpha body is late but I’m the kinda person who does not rush to purchase important items when they’re first released be it rl or sl. Because the first items released to the masses are always PROTOTYPES! be it your iPhone, tablet or TV Its the first design and they will always have major or minor flaws, now to mitigate that inconvenience I always chill, kick back smile at the over excited consumers and apply the patience of a saint and wait for the designer to get it right and then buy it. Cus Psshht I aint gonna waste my energy complaining about an item because it has a defect. Ok before I digress Back to TheShops yeah, so I stopped counting after their third update and decided to chill as usual until they got it right and they almost did (and i dont mean that negatively) maybe the alpha mask or the mesh body model they used is jagged around the neck area but to me its minor. hmm matching the skins to the mesh body is a bit tricky but with the right windlight settings its really not that bad. Mesh clothes can be worn with it but sometimes u might have to alter your shape. But overall I love the body especially the boobs and arse its smooth which means no jagged lines and best of all its free! So THE MESH PROJECT thank you for the amazing freebie and keep doing your thing!





{ BODY }

Shape : My Own ”snmtheshops 5” If you like it i’ll give it away free Inworld contact Destinyraul99 via notecard.
Please bear in mind that these shapes are for MESH BODY PARTS, nonetheless if you don’t wear mesh parts I can still alter it for u.
Skin : Leslie If you like it i’ll give it away free Inworld contact Destinyraul99 via notecard.
Lashes : RazzaNova – Found in RazzaNova Skins -Simonne (Inside Demo free lashes)
Teeth : Deetalez HQ Mainstore – Free show teeth (Free in any demo skins)
Hair Base : HOMAGE – Kawaii Kawaii (Demo)
Hair : Discord Designs – Cosima (NOT FREE)

{ Mesh Add Ons }

Body & Hands : TheShops – hands – Relaxed (Freebie)


Shorts : LRH – Frayed Medium Denim Shorts *MESH* (Dollarbie @ Marketplace)
Shoes : ShuShu Congrejo – DeJa VU boots free gift – MESH resizable & rigged (Freebie @ Marketplace)
Nose Chain, Necklace & Bracelet : aisling – 1. Nosechains 2. 1st Anniversary Gift : Damz (Freebie)
Nose Ring : Deviant Engineering – [DE] Septum Ring Version 3.800 (Freebie @ Marketplace) By the way this is rlva enabled click on it follow the options and lock it if not someone might probably leash u and drag u around but its cool if ure into that 😉
Earrings : L&B – Gothic Jewelry Twist Cross (Free Group Gift) Tons of other gifts available!
Fag : S e n s e – Sense Gift 01 (Dollarbie)
Guitar : Music guy acoustic guitar (Check in your inventory)

Pose : BehaviourBody Animations – Hat Prop Pose Gift (0-1L$)

Location : Our Island


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