#56 Yeah I Said It and What?




Shape : My Own ”Proud 6” If you like it i’ll give it away free Inworld contact Destinyraul99 via notecard.Please bear in mind that these shapes are for MESH BODY PARTS, nonetheless if you don’t wear mesh parts I can still alter it for u.
Skin : Genesis Creations – Pria Sorrel Skin Summer Exclusive (Free Group Gift Join SL F&O)
Teeth : Deesses Skins – Found in Sanda – group gift (Ice Frappe tone) (Free Group Gift, but usually there is a fee so join  now! Other skin gift available!)
Piercing : [NI.JU] – Snake Bites Piercing (Freebie @ Marketplace)
Hair : Eaters Coma – Gift 01 (Free Group Gift)
Sleep Mask : NS – Kawaii Sleep Mask (Dollarbie)
Bracelet : {XA} – Attention Bracelets – Pink Gold (Free Group Gift)
Ring :ZOZ
-Third Eye Chakra Ring (Free Group Gift)
Bubble Gum : S e n s e – Sense Gift 02 (Dollarbie)
Phone : MoiMoi – Found in Summer Hopes Outfit – (Free Group Gift Join SL F&O)
Bag : JAVA Fashion – Found in Java Kitty Complete Outfit Pink (Freebie)
Tattoo : Wicked Tattoos – Checkered Tattoo FREEBIE Full Body (Freebie @ Marketplace)
Top : Simply Me – Take Me Black (Free Group Gift)
Shorts : Enelaya’s Creations – Bag Carmen (Free Group Gift) includes appliers Other Gifts available!
Shoes : Formis Designe – BOOTS POA (Freebie @ Marketplace)
Hands : TheShops – Relaxed (Freebie)
Arse : .:Sking:. BRAZILIA>EVO< / KAMILLA Sking (Not Free)
Breasts : Lola Tangos – Mirage (Not Free)

Pose : F o c u s Poses – Urban Set 3 & Femme Fatale – (0-1L$)

Location : BrazyVille


10 thoughts on “#56 Yeah I Said It and What?

  1. Bonjour / Hello ! I don’t know how to post it in private : I want to say that I read a looot of blog and i love yours because of the dark skins you wear. I was so happy to found them inworld (the baby hair also !!!). Good job. Thanks.

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