#46 Yeah Ure A Soldier But I’m the Fu@$king General




Shape : My Own ”Cherish” If you like it i’ll give it away free Inworld contact Nexxy Easterman via notecard. Please bear in mind that these shapes are for MESH BODY PARTS, nonetheless if you don’t wear mesh parts I can still alter it for u.
Teeth : Deesses Skins – Found in Sanda – group gift (Ice Frappe tone) (Free Group Gift, but usually there is a fee so join  now! Other skin gift available!)
Skin : Lana Free contact Nexxy Easterman
Make up : ENTICE – Found in ::ENTICE::-Adda shape & skin-GIFT – Fusia make up (Freebie @ Marketplace)
Glasses : Kelith Store [Ke.] Sunglasses Classic (Mesh) Version 1.0 (Freebie @ Marketplace)
Hair : Eaters Coma – Gift 03 (Free Group Gift)
Tattoo : [Vega Inc] L’Amour Fatal Tattoo Gift (Freebie @ Marketplace)
Earrings : Pure Poison – Lala Earrings (Free Group Gift)
Jacket and Hat : M&M Female Fashion – Found in M&M-TNM (Free Group Gift)
Pants : D&G Fashions – Found in D&G Corset CatSuit Blue Berry Tango & Phat Azz (Dollarbie @ Marketplace)
Shoes : NINETY MAINSTORE – Dots Pink Mesh Group Gift November (Free Group Gift)
Hands : TheShops – Relaxed (Freebie)
Arse : .:Sking:. BRAZILIA>EVO< / KAMILLA Sking (Not Free)

Location : Mystical


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