#39 If You Aint Going FIERCE Stay On The Bench Player




Shape : My Own ”Romance 3” If you like it i’ll give it away free Inworld contact Oceona99 via notecard.Please bear in mind that these shapes are for MESH BODY PARTS SO PLEASE STATE IN THE NOTECARD IF U WANT A STANDARD SHAPE OR SHAPE FOR MESH BODY PARTS, nonetheless if you don’t wear mesh parts I can still alter it for u.
Skin : Panda Punx – Body Shop Megan {Eternal} August 2013 GG (Free Group Gift) Other skin gifts available!
Hair : Zibska – Nan Deux (Previous 2014 Hair Fair Gift)
Eyeliner : DAMNED BodyShop – – DAMNED – Tribal Make up + base hair / 4 Versions (NOT FREE yeah was definately a ‘what where u thinking purchase’)
Cross Tattoo : Sweet Panda – Cross Tattoo ! (Freebie @ Marketplace)
Faded Tattoo : [KR] BODY SHOP & MISC – [KR] Maori Tattoo FREE (Freebie @ Marketplace)
Intense Tattoo : Fzion – TATTOO Version 1 (Dollarbie @ Marketplace)
Pants : MoiMoi – Selfie Chick Outfit Updated (Free Gift join SL F&O Group)
Jacket and Shoes : Kamiri – Zaira High Waisted Pants Outfit Iron (Sowwy not sure if it was a group gift or a drunk purchase) However it is still available for sale in the store


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