#21 Guess I’m running Tings Now!




Shape : My Own ”Felicity Destiny 4” If you like it i’ll give it away free inworld contact Destinyraul99 via notecard
Skin and Arse : .:Sking:. BRAZILIA>EVO< / KAMILLA Sking (Not Free) – However its a pretty good deal only 400L$ which includes a skin, totally worth it and then you can purchase the Tits up translator to convert phat azz appliers on the Marketplace
Breasts : Lola Tangos – Mirage (Not Free)
Hair Base : ILLMATIC – Slicked Center Part (Demo)
Hair : LoQ Hair / LoQ’ue – [LoQ’ue] Lager FATPACK **PROMO** (75L$ @ Marketplace)
Earrings : FA CREATIONS – Found in Black Snake Outfit (Edited, Outfit not shown) (Freebie @ Marketplace)
Face Piercing : Yasum – Found in Yasum*beautifull steal* (Freebie Town; everything in this sim is free I suggest you get your arse there asap!) (Free Group Gift)
Lip Piercing : [NI.JU] – Snake Bites Piercing (Freebie @ Marketplace)
Fur Coat : Earth & Sky Designs – fur coat black – Earth & Sky design (Freebie @ Marketplace)
Body Suit : TCHUCA DESIGN MAINSTORE – BIKINI DESIRE BLACK (Dollarbie) Other Dollarbie clothes and shoes!
Shoes : MoiMoi Mesh Store – Found in MoiMoi Summer Blue Outfit for SLFO (Free Gift for SL F&O)


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