Nexxy’s up in this byatch!

Hi every1 and thanks for glancing at my blog. I’m a second life player and maybe, like you, I wanted to create a blog that concentrates on finding freebies and deals in second life without breaking the bank. Just to get things clear, I do not give a beautiful motherfuck about sponsors, and second life politrics. When it comes to sponsoring, and if u think u like me, its cool and if you dont its cool too. i can afford any purchase, and if I can’t afford it, um i’ll wait till i can. I’m just here to show u freebies and deals and to make u giggle from time to time. Be warned!!!! I’m extremely sarcastic my sense of humor is an acquired taste and occasionally i will bitch about things and freebies that bug me in second life and other issues in real life. Ok, so I’m not gonna bore u with my personality traits, some say i’m psychotic I like to think i’m a mild eccentric – lets agree to disagree  lol-

So if I’ve entertained you enough, place your hand in mine and follow me on my journey muah xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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